Revolutionize your KarmaCRM Clone With This Piece of Information

What is KarmaCRM and KarmaCRM Clone?

Founded in the year 2009 by John Paul Narowski, KarmaCRM is a simple and customizable online services script that is intuitive and full-featured. This online services script helps companies in maintaining and creating relationships with the customers along with their sales prospects. Similarly, KarmaCRM clone script is one such online services script which enables the sales team to be more efficient with their work by providing with customizations in the work-flows with the help of various productivity tools.


KarmaCRM clone script provides a platform to its users which aids in managing tasks, contacts, and clients all at a single place. Also, it enables collaborations with colleagues using this platform. With the help of KarmaCRM clone script, companies and firms can even integrate third-party apps into this online services script. This sole feature enhances user to organize emails, calendars, tasks, etc and cascade them to other programs with any hassle.


Want to know further about KarmaCRM clone script? Now we shall discuss prominent features provided by this platform which would aid booming entrepreneurs to get started with their business.


Know the Crucial Features of KarmaCRM Clone

  • Provides automated sales process
  • Provides email templates for an easier mail drafting process
  • Inclusion of multiple calendars according to the type of sales and requirements
  • Enables event scheduling
  • Provides with keyword and filter search
  • Enables real-time notifications to the users
  • Provides with SMS text alerts to simply the process
  • Includes customer history
  • Provides social profile searches and other integrations


So these were some of the primary features provided by KarmaCRM clone script to enhance and expand your booming startup. Further customizations can be made according to your needs and requirements. Getting one such software is not a difficult task today. Many companies and firms provide with clone scripts which would help in providing an edge to your business venture.


Clone Daddy is one such suitable platform which provides with most legit clone scripts for your business startups. Here we have a team of well-trained software developers that would design your product from scratch. Also, we have readymade solutions for most of the clone scripts which can be altered according to your niche market requirements. Our team would assist you with the clone script business with all-time customer support. Still confused? Visit our page for further details on clone script solutions.


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